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Denison College of Secondary Education: Kelso High Campus

Denison College of Secondary Education: Kelso High Campus

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School counselling service

School counselling staff are members of the school learning and support team.

A teacher may recommend the service by referring a student to the school’s learning and support team. As a parent or carer, you may refer your child directly to the school counselling service. Students can also self-refer to the service.

The school counselling service can:

  • support students who are worrying about school work, friends, getting in trouble at school or feeling down
  • help parents and carers make decisions about your child’s education
  • assess a student’s learning and behaviour
  • help teachers and students identify and address disabilities that may affect learning
  • liaise with other agencies regarding student wellbeing.

School counselling is confidential.

For more information about learning and support teams and the school counselling service, please contact your school.

Local Services available to assist students and families

Kelso High students are supported by the Wellbeing Team and the Learning and Support Team. There are two professional counsellors on site to provide additional support to students.
Bronwyn Johnston is available on Monday, Thursday and Friday, and Emily Boland is here on Tuesday. (Either Bronwyn Johnston or Emily Boland will be available on Wednesday.)

Headspace Bathurst (6338 1100) provides a free and confidential service for 12 to 25 year olds. Services include: doctors, psychologists, drug and alcohol counsellors, a women’s health nurse school and work support, and financial advice.

Bathurst Community Health Centre (6330 5677) provides information, practical support, counselling and therapy services to couples, children, families, individuals and groups. Services include child and family health nurse, genetic counsellor, Aboriginal health educator, Aboriginal maternal and infant health worker, child protection counsellor, continence/stomal therapy consultan, community nurses, nurse audiometrist, psychologists, sexual assault worker, social workers, speech pathologists, and women’s health nurse.

Veritas House (6332 3882) is a vibrant community based organisation that supports vulnerable children, young people and their families. Veritas House programs include: The Youth Refuge provides crisis accommodation and support for young people aged 15-19 years (6331 1675); Youth Outreach provides medium term accommodation and support for young people aged 16-24 years (6331 2969); Youth and Family Support Service provides advice, practical support and parenting programs for young people aged 12-18 years and their families (6331 1567); and Adolescent and Family Counselling provides counselling and support for young people aged 12-18 years and their families (6332 2277).

Bathurst Paediatric Clinic (6330 5363) requires a referral from your GP.

Bathurst Family Support (6331 7022) is a non government, non profit organisation funded to provide child and family support services and an intensive family support service. Bathurst Family Support participates in partnerships with other services to provide targeted programs and events for local families.

Bathurst Family Relationship Centre (6333 8888) is funded by the Australian Government and managed by Relationships Australia NSW. It offersa range of relationship services including counselling, a Kids in Focus course and family dispute resolution.

Brighter Futures, Benevolent Society (6331 1457) is an early intervention program designed to build the resilience of families and children who are at risk.

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