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Denison College of Secondary Education: Kelso High Campus

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Support faculty

Students are more likely to succeed in school and life if they are offered individualised support which builds on their strengths and nurtures areas requiring development. Kelso High Campus caters for the learning needs of a wide range of students. Students are encouraged to become active independent learners who take increasing responsibility for their own learning.

The formal curriculum is complemented by a diverse range of opportunities which allow students to experience learning in a variety of settings. High value is placed on learning and on students working to achieve to the best of their ability. Academic awards are presented each semester to recognise academic endeavours and success.

Kelso High Campus upholds the belief that all students, irrespective of differing abilities, should have the opportunity to be educated with their peers in an environment of unreserved acceptance. It is always the goal for all students to learn skills that will enable them to transition to the next least restrictive environment.

The Support Faculty promotes inclusive practices that strive for the physical, emotional and intellectual development of all students. Students with disabilities are supported in mainstream classes and support classes.

The support provided to students with special needs may consist of one or more of the following:

  • Modified Assessment
  • Differentiated Curriculum
  • Individual Learning Plans
  • School Learning Support Officers (SLSO)
  • Collaborative Teaching and Learning strategies
  • Computer Technology

The Support Faculty also offers specialised classes and courses that are designed to help students develop more effective learning, social and organisational skills. Students with learning difficulties or students who are experiencing difficulties with their studies are encouraged to access homework assistance and lunchtime study group.

Kelso High Campus is committed to practices that promote the development of a caring, learning community where learning is focused on the needs of the learner. The student/teacher relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and understanding and the value of cooperation and collaboration.

Diversity is also valued. Students may have special needs, disabilities or specific learning difficulties, welfare or emotional well-being needs that require particular support.

The Support Faculty consists of a Head Teacherd and other specially trained teachers as well as specialised School Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) who work across Years 7 to 12.

Students with confirmed disabilities
Students with an identified disability have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) developed in collaboration with their specialised teacher, parents, classroom teachers and the student.

An ILP is a form of contract between student, teachers and parents. It sets long term goals and short term objectives for the student and is realistic, achievable, measurable and age appropriate.