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Denison College of Secondary Education: Kelso High Campus

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Indigenous education

Norta Norta Program

Kelso High School is actively involved in implementing the Norta Norta program in its schooling environment. The Norta Norta program aims to improve the educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) students in the key areas of literacy and numeracy through providing individually tailored learning assistance.

Norta Norta consists of two different components being the NAPLAN component and the Individual Sponsorship component.

The NAPLAN component of the program is based on Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN data and is allocated to ATSIĀ students who identify as being at or below the national minimum standards of the NAPLAN assessment. Kelso High Campus implements this program through Tutors providing in class learning assistance, establishing an independent learning hub and establishing leadership and mentoring programs in conjunction with the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG).

The Individual Sponsorship component of the program is specifically aimed at providing assistance to ATSI students in their senior studies. Kelso High Campus implements this program by providing Tutoring support for senior students to enhance their engagement and improve their academic achievement in subjects of their choosing.

Girri Girri Sports Academy

Denison College of Secondary Education, Kelso High Campus runs Girri Girri Sports Academy on Thursdays within the school. The Girri Girri Sports Academy Program aims to improve attendance rates, increase retention rates and provide opportunities to improve literacy and numeracy skills for ATSI students. The program is available to ATSI students from Years 8-10 with separate junior and senior classes each focusing on developing individual talents, strengths and interests of every academy member.

The program uses sport and recreation as an incentive for ATSI students to aim towards improving their attendance, application and behaviour within the school environment. To conclude each year students are given the opportunity to attend the annual Girri Girri camp that involves a multitude of schools around the central west that also have their own Girri Girri academies.


The SistaSpeak program is an ATSI girlsā€™ well-being program designed to run in partnership with the local community. The program provides a wide variety of activities that aim at improving their self-esteem, understanding of career options, finance and the ability to make positive life choices.

Last year it was run with Year 6 and Year 7 students at Kelso Public School encouraging the development of friendships and connections for students who are soon to move into the secondary education environment. The program concluded with a large celebration that thanked all staff and community members for their participation but also to recognise the progress and achievements made by the young women involved.

Junior AECG

Kelso High Campus is actively involved with the local Bathurst AECG which in turn enables students to be involved in the Junior AECG. The Junior AECG is a small meeting of ATSI students from various schools in the Bathurst region, both Primary and Secondary. Students involved learn about the way in which a committee works and bring up their own initiatives and ideas for them to work on as a council.

Dance Workshops

NAIDOC Sports Day

Field of Dreams Program