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Student leadership

Kelso High Campus fosters the leadership development of our students through participation in the Student Representative Council, the Year 12 Student Leadership Team, including the Captains, the Aboriginal Representative Council and House Captains.

2017 Year 12 Student Leadership Team

Coordinating teacher: Melissa McFarland

The Kelso High Campus Captains for 2017 are Lachlan Smith, Samantha Pett, Caroline Harvey, Joshua McInerney, Mark Day, Emily Geerkens, Felix Mol and Suzanna Winkelman.

The Year 12 Student Leadership Team comprises the Captains, who have been elected by the staff and students to this position, as well as Year 12 students who have been successful in the Year 12 Leadership Team application process. The team is involved in many activities within the campus and Bathurst Community. They prepare for their duties by participating in training which concentrates on team building and developing leadership skills.

Students are encouraged to experience different roles within the campus by: running full school assemblies, participating in and running the Remembrance Day ceremony, participating in awards presentation assemblies and Presentation Night, as well as the Year 12 Graduation. These events task students with meeting and greeting, public speaking, announcing and running tours.

Some other events that students will be involved in during the year include: ANZAC Day, Lion’s Youth of the Year Program, the Yeoman Bedell at CSU, Year 6 to 7 Orientation Nights, the High Achiever’s Reception, presentations at our feeder primary schools, visiting Government House in Sydney, Mayoral Receptions for visiting dignitaries to Bathurst and meeting visiting dignitaries at the school.

Throughout their time on the Leadership Team, students have opportunities to develop their leadership, presentation and communication skills through regular team meetings and activities.

Student Representative Council

Coordinating Teacher: Coreena Martin and Stacey Jones

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is comprised of students elected by their peers.  The purpose of the Student Representative Council is to represent the views of the student body within the school to the executive, the staff, the parents and the wider community and to allow an a venue for students to discuss issues relating to the students.

The SRC, through its committee structure, attempts to develop projects and activities that satisfy the needs of the student body and contribute to the development of a positive school environment. Through these activities the SRC promotes student leadership, develops communication skills and raises school pride and spirit. The regular activities of the SRC include formal meetings, workshops and discussions with other SRC groups. Participation in the SRC is not limited to those elected representatives. All students can contribute by being active members of the wider school community, listening and contributing in their roll groups and supporting their SRC representatives.

Aboriginal Representative Council

Coordinating Teacher: Richard McFarlane

The Aboriginal Representative Council was established at Kelso High Campus in 2017.

The current ARC members for 2017 are: Jazmine Curry, Rebecca Thornbury, Caitlin Doolan, Charmaine Doolan, Bethany Donaldson, Bailey Honeyman, Sebastian Honeyman, Kairrissa Mackay, Messina Mackay, Marissa Morgan, Jade Neilan, Malcolm Hines, Kirsten Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth Doolan-Warisyu, Nikayla Carr-Smith, Tyleeah Carberry and Mekaela Carberry.

House Captains

Coordinating teachers: Mr Ric Bolus and Ms Jen Forster

Macquarie (Blue)


Mitchell (Yellow)


Evans (Pink)


Stewart (Red)